one or the other may be wondering why I have just chosen this logo...???

Idea & Thought

... When I thought about it what logo would our club present the best, I have experimented and tried a lot! So many thoughts went through my mind, because I wanted to create a distingtive emblem that not only should be unique, but should unite and visualize the many aspects of our community  ...!


It should not be just one of many club emblem's, but have a more profound background, the brand's history, one might call it!

... and this came out of it ...

... Comin' home now... !

  • The transparent and open downward stroke "Comin' Home Now ..." summarizes our club motto in fitting words.
  • With our social and integration projects, we want to offer a bit of a home and acceptance to those not so previldged.
  • A "Comfort Zone" and feel-good atmosphere for all participants is our goal!
  • Learning again the feeling of been at home.

  • This icon, which is located under the herald comes from the West African culture and symbolic language, in the language of the Ashanti states (Ghana ethnic group's)  SESA WO SUBAN, which translates as "change and transform your character or change your life" !
  • it is the symbol of life changes, the symbol for a new beginning!
  • It combines two different symbols, the "Morning Star", which can mean a new start to the day and is within a wheel. "The wheel" stands for rotation or independent movements.
  • It is located in the base under the other icons, because it represents for me the beginning of everything and builds everything else!

the banner in golden letters

  • The banner with yellow lettering "United Colours" symbolizes the flag of our community, underscored by the color GREEN (symbolically the color of hope and of life) - it is the bond that unites us all.
  • From the sun that GOLD has its heat. It belongs to the colors of the dynamics of movement, activity and energy.

S & K

  • The "S" stands for the athletic branch of our association
  • The "K" stands for the cultural and thus social branch of our association, which is also a very important element

Laurel Wreth

  • The laurel wreath is a symbol and an insignia for an honor or award, especially for a particular success, which I was able to achieve with the creation of this association!
  • The round shape of the laurel wreath stands for perfection that evergreen appearance of laurel shrub for resistance

the magic of the red FERN

  • The propagation of ferns presented earlier a big mystery. It was told that fern flourish only in the St. John's Night (24.6.) And then throw off the coveted seeds. Whoever had this, was lucky in all things and could thus even be invisible!
  • The charms fern should but make not only invisible, but also protect against sorcery and magic, keep storm, bring the owner luck in the game and in the love and help him to find hidden treasures.
  • In the West African region the Fern, RED shown here, is usually a symbol of perseverance and ingenuity that makes the essence of our association.
  • RED stands for love and fertility, the liquid of life (the blood). The color also stands for passion, emotion, aggressiveness and willpower.

the Globe

  • The BLUE illustrated globe represents our openness to the world and should demonstrate that our commitment knows no boundaries.
  • With the color BLUE, we will use the width of the radiant summer sky, the unfathomable depths of the sea, lakes, rivers and streams.
  • It is also the color of loyalty and encourages laughter and merriment and is associated with: sympathy, harmony, friendship, infinity, space, but also sportiness, power and courage!

the colorful human chain

  • The globe is surrounded by a colorful group of people who shake hands, it provides our community and connectedness is another.
  • Also it shows that there are no differences between us, regardless of race and culture is everyone or what faith it springs!

Author: Kojo Obeng-Gyan

(Founder & Chairman)